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Huh? I thought you said they taught about it.

[And poking at it he had been, though really, Judai is far from any genius not a dueling one, so it's been a miracle that he simply hasn't broken it. Even so, he's still prodding at things, glancing up when Sora talks.]

Did you hear about it somewhere else?
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You -- huh? But you've got a disk like Shun does! Those things don't come from Duel Academia. Aren't you guys from really far forward?
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[Okay, ow, what is Sora doing and what the fuck is he saying.]

Huh? Hunt? You mean like some kind of game?
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...whoa, other worlds really exist?

[No, wait, wait, go back.]

Wait, why did you take it over? And why are you going after them?
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I... don't get it. Why do you need to crush everyone? If it's another world, wouldn't you guys not even be doing anything together?

Why'd you mess with theirs anyway?
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Four? But --

[His eyes immediately snap to that glowing, staring at it confusedly.]

Why do I--

[And then it feels like he's being ripped in a direction that doesn't exist, hearing Winged Kuriboh's alarmed squeaks -- a warning? too late -- ring in his ears briefly before every bit of sound stops and he's thrown into the oblivion of unconsciousness.]
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This isn't funny anymore!

[Judai is jerking against the table, moving as much as the restraints will allow and very much displeased. It's a credit to his innocence -- or naive belief in others -- that he still thinks that this is a joke, griping at those around him in something that might also be amusing, if it weren't for the situation.]

Come on, guys. I'm hungry! And it's cold! Can I at least have my jacket back?

[The other doctor nods a bit at Sora when he comes in, Judai's jacket laying on one of the tables and clearly rifled through. There's no sign of his deck, of course -- once they got to the part in Sora's memories about him using the cards as mediums, they were whisked away very quickly.]

What kinda joke is this, anyway?
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Then what's going on?

[He can't see, he can't even really move, and it's too damn cold on this table!]
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They were what?

[The doctor turns over to one of the terminals, bringing up one of Judai's memories.]

See for yourself.

[The memory shows Judai panting, in some oddly dark place -- at least, it's clear that it's supposed to be dark, but the actual memory is so bright that it's as if Judai could see in it without any effort. The most alarming thing, of course, is what he brings up to his face -- his hands, shifted to have thick, vicious looking claws on them, which promptly sink about an inch into the metal wall that Judai puts his weight on to try to stand up, clawing down large gashes as he sinks back down.]
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[He winces as the light is suddenly burning into his eyes, keeping them closed and trying to open them slowly to adjust to it.]

Who's more powerful? And why are we in a hospital?
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Huh? But there's nowhere like this in Duel Academia.

[One of the doctors shakes his head, apparently amazed in the worst sort of way.]
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...Uh. Why are we here? And how'd we get here? I'm kinda supposed to go back to mine.