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Episode 2 - The Unwilling Apprentice! Judai's Resistance

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[As it turns out, Sora's little talks with him (in combination with the slight bits of extra food or treats) turn out to be enough: Judai gives no resistance towards the tests, even once they up his rations a bit to test a few more dangerous serums against him. Though he isn't entirely cooperative... the extra food does make him a bit more aware, but he still doesn't seem all that inclined to answer the scientists' questions. Even so, all it takes is Sora repeating it to get the answer from him, the small boy clearly some sort of weakness in that stubborn will of his.

But even so, as all the fighting he does is simply against talking, the Professor -- with the reports from the scientists -- eventually decides that it's safe enough to release the restraints and increase the food he's given to give him enough energy to actually be able to function, though not enough to fuel his powers by any real significant amount. After all, with his obedience at least somewhat bought and Sora's use to control him fully realized, it's time for Step 2: actually starting to train and sharpen that dull mind of his.

When Sora's called in again today, it's to find Judai actually sitting on the floor, devouring everything set around him like a pack of wolves. Seems they didn't even manage to get it to the table before he fell on it...]
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Episode 3 - Lessons in Stubbornness: An Unwilling Potential

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[For all his complaints, it seems that Judai was at least telling the truth. Despite being his usual rough self, he hasn't been giving the professors or other students quite as much trouble, wearing the jacket -- if still complaining about it -- and at least getting the layout of the school down. After a few simple, but mostly meaningless, tests prove that he's willing to at least put up with things, it's decided that it's safe enough to loosen the leash just a bit.

Which is why it's handed to Sora, with firm instructions arriving early the next morning. Start getting him in shape for Action Duels, but not combat just yet. Watch him carefully. If there's any sign of rebellion or other suspicious activity, inform us immediately.

The orders might actually be relieving for once... because Judai is snoring as per usual, draped over Sora's bed with his face half-buried in his pillow and drooling.]
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Episode 4 - The Price of Silence: Judai's Will is Broken!

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[Judai was usually too forward to be all that sneaky... so that was one thing he could thank Academia for. With their insistence and Sora's teaching, he'd managed to learn how to at least hide some of what he was thinking, and being stuck in the academy without his friends had left him with plenty of time to figure out how to use it. Especially since his "obedience" had apparently made it so they were willing to help him figure out how to train his powers, too.

And so, he'd used it. With Winged Kuriboh helping out his powers, he'd managed to figure out exactly where his deck was. And while it had taken some... very awkward distractions (he still feels bad for having Kuriboh steal that student's underwear and making him run down the hall waking up everyone else for them), he'd managed to slip in Kuriboh once the creature had hid its catch and come back, and through Kuriboh, managed to get the deck back, even. And that's all he'd needed.

Which is why Sora's finding himself shaken awake, way too late, with Judai's actual jacket thrown on and the Academia one abandoned in the corner.]

Hey, come on!